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Origie G-mik
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It all started with the four friends Yuan (John Prats), Borj (Stefano Mori), Roni (Camille Prats),and Jelai (Angelica Panganiban) who live in one neighborhood together. Until they were joined by this two boys, Jun-Jun (Carlo Aquino) and Tonsi (Miko Samson)  who just moved in the same village as the other four. They began to be friends and hang-out together. They went through a lot of problems together, from Borj and Tonsi fighting because they both like Roni, to Jelai and Jun-Jun began to be best of friends as days pass. Their parents also got along with each other and trust their kids to hang-out and look for each other. Surely, they are one barkada we will never forget.