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Camille- Beauty to Behold

Cams&Dan: Hanggang Ilusyon Lang

Abigail: in concert with Troy sa Cebu??

John: Di insecure

Camille: Madaling magpalit ng crush

Angelica: Hamon kay Carlo

John: His dream girl
Camille: Tampo kay Danilo??
Danilo: Close with Camille

Stefano: Leaving showbiz???
Stefano: napag-iiwanan nila JOhn and Carlo???
Camille: deny to death
Danilo and Camz: Tandem
Heart and John: Great Tandem
Camille: IN love
Danilo: Reveals his heart
Angelica: Young and blooming
John: Upcoming dramatic actor
Danilo: World of showbusiness
Janus: JAnus del Prado
Angelica: THe b-day girl
Angelene: The promising new comer
Carlo: Growing up and getting better
Camille: The young lady
Heart: Acting is heart's destiny
Miko: Enjoys showbusiness
Stefano: Serious and more intense
Heart: Every inch of Heart
Heart:  Angelic Heart and Angela
John: Cute John
Gmik: Gmik Barkada
Camille: The baby turned to a lady
Danilo: Camille his real and reel life special someone
JCS: Hiwa-hiwalay na!
Heart: cool, cute, and candid
Camille: Little Girl no more
Angelene: Profile

September Articles
Stefano: Maraming may crush kay Abigail
Carlo and Angel: So Sweet
Camille: Never na nagselos
Danilo: Insecure kay Nicko,Meynard and Sherwin
Janus: Role Model
Angelica: Oh my Angel
Angelica: In Dreams
Camille: Many suitors
CArlo: Competence against him and Janus
Angelene and Danilo: Cool Dudes
John Prats: Admitted to have a crush on KC  (includes a comment baout Cool Dudes
Danilo Barrios: Cool Dudes is our artist of the month (pinoycentral)
Danilo Barrios: Get Cozy with the Cool Dudes
Danilo Barrios: Dinoble and sweldo ni Dan para hindi umalis sa DOS
Angelica Panganiban: 50 THings you want to know about her

July Articles
Danilo Barrios: In Love
Danilo Barrios: Natutuwa sa Cool Dudes
Angelica Panganiban: BEauty Pa rin
John Prats: More Popular than CArlo and STEFANo??
Danilo: Torn between ABS_CBN and GMA
Camille and Danilo: He said, She said
Danilo Barrios: THE COOL DUDES
Carlo Aquino: A new season of PAHIINA
Danilo Barrios: Pampagulo sa G-Mik
Miko Samson: Fact Sheet
Stefano Mori: Camille out, Abigail in!
Abigail Cruz
Miko Samson: priority ang studies
50 Things you want to know about CAMILLE
Angelica Panganiban: To a blooming goddess
Angelica Panganiban: In "Sa Puso Ko, Iingatan Ka
Carlo Aquino: In new Season of Pahina
Maraming Naiyak sa Episode ni Carlo and Angelica sa MMK