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10 Facts your a G-mik fanatic

        10. You record all  the G-mik episodes and watch them over and over again.

        9. You know the G-mik casts' real names and role names.

        8. After the show ends, you wish it wasn't done yet.
        7. You wish you can just dive in your tv screen and join the barkada.

        6. You collect magazine pictures of them.

        5. You try to make up excuses to your parents before going somewhere just so you can watch G- mik on a Saturday  afternoon        

        4. Your emotions go with what the group is experiencing.

        3. When you see your favorite love team in a sweet scene, you can't help but smile, give a little scream, and super kilig inside        

        2. Your mom called you to do something but your'e too stuck watching G-mik, so you don't get to do what she said.

        1. Your Saturday is not complete without watching G-mik.